Fresco Reverie: The Electric Car Faster Than Tesla


Fresco Reverie Electric Vehicle

Fresco Motors, Norway-based electric vehicle startup, unveiled their exciting new electric sedan. The Reverie, promises to be faster than a Tesla and comes with unbelievable specs and features.

Coming from Norway, a country where electric vehicles are already 3% of the market share, Fresco Motors is the country’s first EV company.

Fresco Reverie is very similar to a Tesla, having the size somewhere between a Model S and Model 3, which happen to be two of the most popular EVs in Norway.

The company revealed a few computer-generated images as it clearly doesn’t have a working prototype.

Fresco Motors didn’t offer any details about specifications and only said that owners will not have range anxiety. This means the vehicle will have enough kW to keep us on the road for many miles.

The company also says that the Reverie will accelerate from 0 to 62mph in just 2 seconds and will have a top speed of 186mph.

One of the cool features will be the “portable batteries”:
“It’s common amongst owners of vehicles with internal combustion engines to have jerrycans. Why shouldn’t owners of electric vehicles have the same?”, Fresco says.

The unveiled specifications are interesting, but I think is prematurely to rely on any of the given ideas here. The company also stated:
“All of these technical details are subject to change. The vehicle information is based on Fresco’s current engineering data and the technology available to us at the time of this publication. Fresco assumes no responsibility for changing technical data or information.”

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