Pagani Jet Cabin “Infinito” for Airbus Looks Amazing!



Pagani is known for their ultra-luxury supercars, but earlier this month, the car manufacturer unveiled its intention for a new cabin design for ACJ319neo private jet. Called Infinito, the cabin will feature a full ceiling screen which creates a sky view for passengers and glass walls to separate plane’s sections. The interior will be constructed from carbon fiber with leather finishing, to maintain the plane lighter.

“Art and Science can walk together hand in hand: this is the Pagani philosophy. The combination of state-of-the-art composite materials never used before in an aircraft, such as CarboTitanium, with the typical design language of Pagani Automobili, has always represented our signature. Applying our Reinassance touch into the wider spaces of Airbus corporate jet cabins is the beginning of an exciting new venture for us,” said Horacio Pagani, founder & Chief Designer of Pagani Automobili SpA