• Casa G By Gudmundur Jonsson In Iceland

    Casa G, the newest project by Icelandic architect Gudmundur Jonsson, is a perfect balance of beauty and minimalism. The architect managed to blend it perfectly in the rugged and rough Icelandic landscape, featuring industrial concrete displays on the exterior, and to match the surrounding forests, the home has a curved and slanted wood wall....

  • Your Home On Mars: Open x Xiaomi Mars Case House

    Once considered a theory, the concept of living on Mars is getting closer and closer to reality. Open x Xiaomi Mars Case House is a foldable, 2.4-square-meter module that can bring all of your essentials, so you can have ‘a place to stay’ on the Red Planet. The entire house is fitted with integrated...

  • North Lake Wenatchee House Designed By DeForest Architects

    Designed by DeForest Architects, the North Lake Wenatchee House has an excellent southern exposure and sweeping views of the lake and mountains. Located in Washington State, USA, it has been made to host two people, but the architects have used clever ideas to make use of the tiny space and the cabin can accommodate...

  • 35 Of The Most Spectacular Buildings In The World

    “Architecture is a visual art and the buldings speak for themselves.” – Julia Morgan

  • Architect Creates An Amazing Address Book Swimming Pool

    This amazing address book swimming pool created by architect Jorge Macchi is on display at the Brazilian modern art museum Inhotim, which is a giant outdoor gallery and botanical garden in the midst of jungle.