• Noise Cancelling Kennel by Ford

    Noise cancelling technology used in the Ford Edge SUV, has inspired the creators of this innovative kennel to create a solution for pets affraid of fireworks. Built to keep your pet stress-free this New Year’s Eve, the kennel features a microphone inside that once it detects fireworks sound, enables the built-in audio system to...

  • OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Smartphone

    You’ve probably heard of McLaren and their incredibly fast and incredible supercars. And of course the new OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition it’s all about speed. Packing an incredible 10GB of RAM, the limited edition flagship offers ultra-fast performance. Wether you multi-task or play games, the new 6T McLaren Edition will serve you speed on...

  • Supreme Featured in Apple’s Holiday Video Ad

    In case you missed it, here is Supreme being featured in the tech giant’s video advertisement for the 2018 holidays. Throughout the video, the Supreme sticker appears on the MacBook the youn woman is working on. SEE ALSO: Supreme x Louis Vuitton x adidas Originals NMD CS1 Custom No statement has been made if...

  • Leica D-Lux 7 Camera

    D-Lux 7 is Leica’s latest release, and it has some great features! Featuring a sleek rectangular profile, it boasts a large sensor and high-intensity zoom lens. The sensor has 17-megapixel 4/3″ and instead of a viewfinder the D-Lux 7 has a high-res EVR. It shoots 4K video at 100 Mbit/s and features an external...

  • The 2018 MacBook Pro Is Here

    Apple launched new versions of the MacBook Pro laptops with updated processors and displays. The 15-inch model now has a six-core 8th-generation Intel Core i7 and Core i9 processors, up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM and up to 4TB SSD storage. The 13-inch one is getting similar updates, just with less power and graphics...

  • Nikon Coolpix P1000 Camera

    Nikon has revealed their record breaking bridge camera, that can record 4k and shoot unbelievable close images of the moon. Available for $1,000, the camera features a 125x zoom lens, equivalent to 24-3000mm and also shoots 4K Ultra HD video. The ‘Dual Detect’ image stabilization, will allow you to shoot photos and videos without...

  • Helicopter Has Been Reinvented – Workhorse SureFly Personal Aircraft

    Helicopter Has Been Reinvented – Workhorse SureFly Personal Aircraft

    SureFly is a personal helicopter/VTOL aircraft designed for safe and easy flight. Made its international debut at Paris Air Show, and will launch in 2019. The aircraft it is currently available to pre-order at the price $200,000. The Surefly it’s powered by eight independent motors that drive large carbon fiber propellers, all run on...

  • Leica M10 Edition Zagato Camera

    The collaboration between Leica and Italian luxury car company Zagato, created the ultra-limited edition Leica M10 “Edition Zagato”. “Founded a century ago, Zagato has been the creator of the most beautiful coachbuilt bodies in the history of automobile construction,” Leica says. “The quintessential Italian brand is particularly well known for its innovative use of...

  • Amazon Unveils Fire TV Cube

    The Fire TV Cube is company’s response in the fight for share in the home voice-assistant market against Google, Apple and others. This new device allows you to control your TV and other home-entertainment devices using just your voice, although it comes with a remote control. The Cube also features an infrared-extender cable and...

  • Nikon Coolpix W300

    In recent years, Nikon has become renowned for its waterproof and shockproof cameras. Not only they can shoot and record underwater, in mud, snow or any other though conditions, but their “tough” cameras have an amazing picture and video quality.

  • HP Z Virtual Reality Backpack PC

    The new HP Z VR backpack is clearly here to tell us that virtual reality is no more a thing that will pass. Virtual Reality is here to stay!

  • The Best Laptop Your Money Can Buy Right Now (In 2017)

    Living in a world where no matter where you look you will see a smartphone and a smartwatch or a tablet, it may look like a laptop is an antique device that nobody is using anymore. That is not true at all. When it comes to editing photos, writing emails all day or writing...

  • Porsche Design x Huawei Smartwatch

    German supercar manufacturer Porsche, through its Porsche Design subdivision is expanding to smartwatches world.

  • Balmain x Beats By Dr. Dre Headphones Modelled By Kylie Jenner

    Oliver Rousteing’s Paris based fashion house Balmain teamed up with Beats by Dr. Dre to create a high-end set of headphones with a same high-end prices.

  • AnZa Concrete Espresso Machine

    We live in a rapidly changing world, where technology evolves faster than we realize and everything around us changes day by day.

  • The First Supersonic Jet Spike S 512 Twice As Fast As Other Commercial Jets

    The Spike S-512 is a projected supersonic business jet, designed by Spike Aerospace. With this Supersonic Jet you can cuts flight times in half. Holding up to 18 passengers, it can fly from NYC to London in 3 hours and from London to Hong Kong in less than 6 hours. With the Spike S-512...

  • Apple iPhone 8 Wireless Charging

    Apple’s Manufacturer CEO Confirms iPhone 8 Will Have Wireless Charging

    Robert Hwang, the CEO of iPhone manufacturer Wistron Corp, confirms the new Apple iPhone 8 will feature both wireless charging and will be waterproof.

  • Apple iPhone 8 Latest Design Leak

    Apple iPhone 8’s Final Design Gets Leaked

    Here we have what might be the final design of the new Apple iPhone 8. After months of leaks and rumors, a new video showing the revamped design has been leaked yesterday. It was posted by 9to5Mac and shows the Apple iPhone 8 having a completely different design compared to previous models.

  • This Is Apple’s New Speaker: HomePod

    Yesterday at Apple’s big developer conference, WWDC 2017, the Cupertino company revealed their new product; Siri-powered HomePod smart-speaker.

  • Pagani Jet Cabin “Infinito” for Airbus Looks Amazing!

    Pagani is known for their ultra-luxury supercars, but earlier this month, the car manufacturer unveiled its intention for a new cabin design for ACJ319neo private jet.