Ressence x MR PORTER Type 1 MRP Collection


Belgian horological brand Ressence has teamed up with the online retailer MR PORTER to release two limited edition models of their “entry level” Type 1 MRP timepieces.

The Type 1PN MRP features a 42mm titanium case, a metallic dial in an appealing “Night Blue” collor with silver-ringed discs. The 1PN MRP is limited to only 12 pieces.

The second model Type 1PW MRP has the same specifications, only it comes in 18K Rose Gold with a sandblasted white dial, and is limited to only six pieces.

You can buy the Type 1 PN MRP for $20,600 USD and the Rose Gold Type 1 PW MRP for $33,800 USD at MR PORTER right now.