Converse Renew: Same Chuck Taylor, Sustainable


Converse Renew

Converse “Renew Initiative”, a new way of reducing waste, is the company’s first step to sustainability.

To give waste a second use, Converse Renew is the company’s first product to be made of upcycled textiles, recycled cotton canvas blends and recycled PET (plastic bottles).

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The first product in this lineup will be Chuck Taylor All Star and will be available in three different styles.

First to be made of 100% recycled polyester, while the second will use upcycled denim.

The third is Converse Renew Denim, made through a process that uses cotton canvas waste to create a 40% recycled cotton (with polyester) to form a new yarn.

Chuck Taylor All Star and Chuck 70s featuring Renew Canvas, are the first to be released, on July 5.

Converse Renew
Converse Renew