DroneGun Allows You To Kill… Drones!


DroneGun Allows You To Kill... Drones!

With so many drone options on the market and their price becoming so accessible, people may be using them for non-orthodox purposes.

Guys at DroneShield work hard to fine-tune their anti-drone countermeasures.

Their latest release, the DroneGun mark III is basically a drone killer. Is using non-lethal RF technology to disable quadcopters at up to 500 meters away.

DroneGun can be operated from a cold start to full efficiency in under three seconds.

Featuring a NATO-standard lithium-ion battery pack is able to operate for a full hour or 8+ hours of standby time.

Other features include IP55 rating, debris-resistant and weatherproof, and will function in extreme temperatures from -4ºF to +131ºF.

The only down point might be it is only for official military usage.. so if you’re thinking of buying one, bad luck.