AnZa Concrete Espresso Machine


We live in a rapidly changing world, where technology evolves faster than we realize and everything around us changes day by day.

Every now and then, we have the chance to see something extraordinary, that has never been done or built before. The AnZa Espresso Machine is one of those things that makes your jaw drop.

Although espresso machines has been widely used for over 100 years, the materials used in production barely changed during time.

Berkeley based design studio Montaag, twisted the look of an espresso machine into a very beautiful piece of art. The machine will bring life to your kitchen, and will also allow you to remotely use the it via mobile app.

The AnZa espresso machine features a concrete housing, and also its components are made with under-utilized materials, such as wood, brass and steel.

If you are looking to support this project, it will be available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter next month.

Anza Espresso Machine is expected to hit the retail at the beginning of 2018.

Sources: AnZa, Montaag