Tech Launches BUTTONS Bluetooth Earphones


{"autoplay":"true","autoplay_speed":3000,"speed":300,"arrows":"true","dots":"true"} is back with another weird gadget release, this time pretty weird looking earphones, but with an interesting catch. The BUTTONS have been released today in a range of colors to match the new iPhone colors.

The new premium earphones are made from spun metal and woven cord, meant to last long and be worn day in and day out. The interesting catch is the magnetic closure, you’ll be able to keep the earphones together at all times. BUTTONS are going to deliver 6+ hours straight playing time, 6+ hours of talking and boast 120+ hours standby time, and can be charged via microUSB port.

Models like Kendall Jenner and Naomi Campbell have been chosen to be BUTTON’s ambassador and in the same time to position the product as an upmarket cross of fashion item and cutting-edge gadget.

The BUTTONS bluetooth earphones are available to buy starting today at and selected stores across the globe for $229.95 USD.

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