The First Supersonic Jet Spike S 512 Twice As Fast As Other Commercial Jets



The Spike S-512 is a projected supersonic business jet, designed by Spike Aerospace. With this Supersonic Jet you can cuts flight times in half. Holding up to 18 passengers, it can fly from NYC to London in 3 hours and from London to Hong Kong in less than 6 hours.

With the Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet you get to your destination faster and in luxurious comfort.
The aircraft will not have windows for the passengers, instead, they will have a large display with high-definition on the aircraft’s interior walls. These displays can show any view you wish, whether it’s your real-time aircraft surroundings, your favorite movie, or a screencast from your laptop.

This private jet, costing US$60 to $80 million, is aimed at the richest business executives and celebrities.
Aerospace expects to fly a subsonic scale prototype in this summer and by the end of 2018 they want to launch a series of larger prototypes and a supersonic demonstrator and expects to certify the Spike S-512 by 2023.

Flying supersonic is clearly the future of aviation, making the world smaller and more accessible.