HP Z Virtual Reality Backpack PC


The new HP Z VR backpack is clearly here to tell us that virtual reality is no more a thing that will pass. Virtual Reality is here to stay!

HP Z VR backpack is trying to bring VR into industries that can take advantage of “hands-on” 3D modeling offered in VR. In their advertising HP is demonstrating how VR can help in automobile industry.

The packback is basically a portable PC, with straps that can be undocked and be worn as a backpack. With under 10 pounds of weight, it won’t be a pain to carry, mainly because the battery life is only about 60-90 minutes when used at full VR capabilities.

The wearable PC comes with very strong tech specs, featuring an NVIDIA Quadro P5200 GPU with 16GB of memory, a 7th Gen Intel Core i7 vPro CPU and 32GB of dual-channel RAM.

It will also come with swappable batteries, and a dock that will allow you to charge and use it as a normal desktop.

At this moment from the HP Z series, you can buy the HP Z Book laptop () or the HP Z440 PC Tower (). Both feature cutting edge specifications and are prices just a little over $1,000 USD.

I would really love to give this thing of the future a try! If you want to be notified the launching date you can jump over HP’s website and sign-up for newsletter.